Monday, November 20, 2017

Block of the Month - Cadence Court

Block of the month quilts are an exciting and easy way to complete a quilt without spending a lot of time at one sitting. Participants pay a registration fee which covers the first and last month’s kit. Each month you will receive a block of the month pattern and fabrics for that month's quilt block. Construct one block per month and at the end of the program you have all the quilt blocks made and ready to put the quilt together into a beautiful finished product!

Cadence Court is a fresh take on a popular Block-of- the-Month style quilt! This quilt book features 12 unique wedge designs, each repeated twice, that make up a modern circular design. Cadence Court finishes 60" x 60".

You can purchase the Cadence Court Block of the Month here or come in the shop and we'll get you all set up and registered.

We are also featuring another in-store option, "Hearts Afire" by Smith Street is a 11 month BOM quilt.  This one is not available online, but you can come on in and check it out! We will learn cut-work on your embroidery-sewing machine, preparing fabric, choosing fabric, and embroidery applique techniques.

Friday, May 23, 2014


Sew hello everyone! I know, I know, I promise to try harder at getting these out more. Anyways....Quilt Market was wonderful. I have to say with the new credential rules it was easier to get around, therefore we were able to see more. Lots of new patterns and fabric coming our way! One of the new faves is "Cotton and Steel", a fresh new company with loads of talent and inspiration. Check it out at Another company we are loving is Freshly Made Fabrics (formerly Camelot Fabrics). These booths created quite a buzz. We also had the opportunity to speak to Amy Barickman from Indigo Junction. Some great new patterns are on their way. And to accompany them, we ordered denim. Not your mothers denim. Ours is bright pink, pistachio, teal and white.
We will all be sporting new raw edged vests, jackets and who can tell whats next?   Modern Silhouette VestAmy also has a great blog.Check it out and get inspired. Have a wonderful holiday and remember the men and women who fight for our freedom! Sew Twisted Judy

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

   Hello all! I have been doing a lot of thinking lately as I find myself wondering how my sewing room has shrunk.And then it hit me! The most important  thing to convey to our children as they leave the nest for college, etc. Here goes... If you have the biggest bedroom in this house, and my sewing room is in the smallest, should you come home to visit or (God forbid!) live, reduce your things to fit in that smaller room! Real estate is expensive and I will not pay for a large shrine. However, being the good sport that I am, I will cheerfully set you up in "my old sewing room". I will even make sure all the threads are off the floor.
     Now don't get me wrong, I love my kiddies, but man oh man it seems silly to have a big empty room and cram myself into a small one. There is also the added bonus of having two! yes two closets to stuff fabric in. Because thats what we do. Because we can. Amen. And then of course, with the holidays upon us, we have more room to hide clutter when our guests arrive. Just sayin'. 
   Anyway.....Hope to see you all at our Christmas Tea on Saturday December7th. We will have goodies for everyone and will be offering 25.00 gift certificates for 20.00. Send your family in for the best gift ever!
                                                                   Sew Screwed Up! Judy
No not mine but one can hope!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

    Remember this photo? My Living room one year ago! And baby look at us now...
Hello All! We are having a very proud moment here at Sew Deja Vu! It has only taken us About 11 months to figure out how we were blogging, but lo and behold, we're back! Its hard to believe it has been a whole year since we opened our doors (again)! Its been quite an adventure. We have been traveling, visiting local guilds, writing and yes, sewing! So good to be back. We are in the process of judging our Ornament contest. Please stop by to vote for your favorite. Winner gets a gift basket valued at 125.00. Second place basket is valued at 75.00. We are having a day of free demos on Saturday to celebrate our birthday. Of course we are having cake! (and other goodies, too!) Please come and celebrate with us. There will also be special offers all day. Hope to see you Saturday.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Are You Ready?

Pssssssssssssst. . . psssssssssssssssssst . . . I just found out the best news EVER. We, at Sew Déjà Vu, are having a PARTY!  And it’s not one of those super secret VIP, invite only, Hollywood type of parties . . . It’s BETTER.

It’s our GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION in six days!  Six days?  Six days!  I know, we can barely contain ourselves either.  There will be food, there will be fun, and most importantly, there will be FABRIC!  It is important that you get this breaking news on our blog first! Because one thing I can tell you about our blog . . . it never lies.  So when I say this party is going to be AMAZING, I mean it’s going to be AMAZING.  Who doesn’t love a week long party?

Starting October 29th we will be kicking off the festivities with daily drawings.  If you sign up on our web page you will be entered in a drawing for one of three $50 gift cards! And you can start entering now, before the store even opens! There is a BIG drawing at the end of the week for an H class 100Q Viking sewing machine.  That happens Saturday, November 3rd.  Take it from the staff, the sewing machines are wonderful! Our new obsession with Viking machines almost hindered opening the store on time.  We wanted to sew but we want you to shop!  Oh the conundrum!

We are looking forward to meeting all of you soon!  The first week our doors are open everything is 10% off.  Tell your friends!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Moving On Up

So you may be thinking, “Where have you been all my life Sew Déjà Vu Blog? I have been DYING to read what’s going on!?”  Which you should be thinking, in case you weren’t, so shame on you. . . but we digress.  We have been busy busy busy.  We are in our space and making the place ready for all of you!  The walls are painted, the floor is carpeted and WE HAVE A BATHROOM.  We will take a moment of silence so everyone can rejoice.
. . .
But as I said, getting in the space was the easy part – transforming it has taken some work.
First, we had to transport all the fabric over to the store.  This took many long journeys with all of our precious cargo. Obviously you can see where our priorities are, keeping these bolts and yards safe.

We have been painting furniture (you didn’t know we were so crafty did you?. . . We don’t mess around at the Vu) and laying out the store. It's been tough getting our always stylish staff to dress down and get dirty, but everyone is being a good sport!  We even have a carpenter coming in this week to build shelves.  Even though we are “DIY-ers,” we don’t want to take any risks with our shelving.  We buckled out fabric into the car for goodness sakes, we don’t want it falling off the walls!

We are on track to open at the end of October – so we can’t wait to see you! Here is a sneak peak of what we are working with . . .   


As you can see, we have some work ahead of us.  But aren't the walls just FABulous?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Time is Running Out

Can you believe it?  The store opening is just around the corner.  There is still so much to do, but mostly we are just THRILLED!  We are measuring everything against our stash of clothing, quilting and accessorizing fabrics these days.  If we are unhappy with a meal at a restaurant,  we wish we would have purchased a bolt of fabric instead.  If we want ice cream, we use all the dieting power we have and  order a bolt from the Benartex line instead of a cone. . . but then we rememeber a bolt of fabric costs more than an icream cone, so we get ice cream anyways. I mean, who doesn't love ice cream?

"Mischief" by Benartex
In addition to all the bolts we have accumulated, we are also ordering some magical pre cuts, which have earned us several “likes” from everyone on Facebook.  Pre cuts for you non quilters out there are "pre cut" 5 inch squares and 2 1/2 inch strips of fabric to sew together to create a quilt.  That's where they get the name - clever isn't it? 
Batiks by Hoffman
We should start merchandising the store soon, and if you are lucky, we'll share photos so you can dream about the store before you visit.  Make sure when you come to visit you have time to shop around and meet the friendly and fabulous staff.  We will be sure to introduce the ladies of the store soon.  They are all as talented as they are lovely.

Now for the answer to the question everyone has waited for . . . you know what? No, we need to keep you coming back before the store opens, so I am going to keep the updates on the illusive bathroom a secret.   Can’t wait to share more updates next week. 
Store opens October 29th! Be there or be a quilt square!