Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Moving On Up

So you may be thinking, “Where have you been all my life Sew Déjà Vu Blog? I have been DYING to read what’s going on!?”  Which you should be thinking, in case you weren’t, so shame on you. . . but we digress.  We have been busy busy busy.  We are in our space and making the place ready for all of you!  The walls are painted, the floor is carpeted and WE HAVE A BATHROOM.  We will take a moment of silence so everyone can rejoice.
. . .
But as I said, getting in the space was the easy part – transforming it has taken some work.
First, we had to transport all the fabric over to the store.  This took many long journeys with all of our precious cargo. Obviously you can see where our priorities are, keeping these bolts and yards safe.

We have been painting furniture (you didn’t know we were so crafty did you?. . . We don’t mess around at the Vu) and laying out the store. It's been tough getting our always stylish staff to dress down and get dirty, but everyone is being a good sport!  We even have a carpenter coming in this week to build shelves.  Even though we are “DIY-ers,” we don’t want to take any risks with our shelving.  We buckled out fabric into the car for goodness sakes, we don’t want it falling off the walls!

We are on track to open at the end of October – so we can’t wait to see you! Here is a sneak peak of what we are working with . . .   


As you can see, we have some work ahead of us.  But aren't the walls just FABulous?

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